To future clients of Maggie Ludwiczak:

I have encountered the best realtor ever and feel qualified to make this statement due to the previous purchase of selling a condo, 2 houses and most recently a town house. 

Beginning with the phone call to Maggie letting her know that I wanted to put my town house on the market due to my future retirement and relocating to Southern California. Maggie came over to see the house and provided a few suggestions. In addition she gave me 2 DVD's to watch which included pricing and how to prepare to show your home (purge, purge and purge some more).

I must say that I discarded and gave away bags of things thinking I did a good job. However did I previously say purge, purge then purge some more, well that's exactly what Maggie stated to me after my first purge. When I finished my house appeared to be pretty empty but it certainly looked great in the photo brochure that Maggie put together.

To make a long story short my house sold in 2 days thanks to Maggie. She is the professional and my recommendation is to do exactly as she states. You will not go wrong and your house will sell.

Wishing you the very best!


Donna Smith